INFRALED PRO Recessed Motorized Patient Lighting System

INFRALED PRO is Kirlin’s revolutionary patent-pending recessed, remote-aimable exam lighting system. Designed for ultimate infection control in critical environments, the system includes five unique luminaires, offering IP66-rated trims, perforation-free housings, and Kirlin’s BioGard anti-microbial finish. INFRALED PRO provides a safe, easy-to-operate alternative to boom-mounted exam lighting systems in a variety of settings, including Labor/Delivery, Patient Room, ICU, NICU, Cardiac Cath Lab, Hybrid Operating Room, Operating Room, and Emergency Room.

Dynamic Illumination for Patient Care

INFRALED PRO's exclusive blue LED indicator clearly indicates the fixture that is under active control, for added precision and ease-of-use. This enables the clinician to rapidly direct illumination where it is needed, with a single touch, via remote control or wall panel.

The Next Generation in Precision Medical Lighting

Kirlin’s motorized birthing and procedural lighting systems, conveniently controlled from the wall or via wireless remote, provide hospitals and clinicians with a single-light or multi-light solution to increase the flexibility of illumination in the most critical spaces. Unlike traditional boom-mounted exam lights, our INFRALED PRO products are fully recessed, eliminating unnecessary clutter from the clinician’s work space, and removing a potential source of infection from the procedure room. Doctors and nurses can position the light precisely with the click of a button, without the risk of unplanned drift or physical hazard.


    INFRALED PRO supports up to four recessed motorized exam lights on a single wall control with handheld remote. Any of the four PRO models can be combined to meet the clinical needs of the space, providing the utmost flexibility in procedural lighting, with one-touch direction and intensity controls and continuous dimming to 1%.


    Designed for ultimate infection control in critical environments, the INFRALED PRO system offers IP66-rated trims, perforation-free sealed housings, and Kirlin's BioGard anti-microbial finish. This eliminates the need for hazardous boom lights, which can harbor infectious agents. INFRALED PRO ensures a tight seal between the clinical environment and the plenum.


    The industry's only purpose-built birthing light, INFRALED PRO 60 uses a patented optical mechanism to deliver 60° of illumination into the birthing canal. This results in 64% deeper penetration of light than any other recessed exam light on the market. Increased illumination within the birthing canal leads to early detection and diagnosis of problems during childbirth, as well as quicker and more accurate postpartum repairs.


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