Kirlin SmartLED™ MRI Turn-Key Lighting System

As one of the pioneers of MRI lighting, Kirlin offers proven, comprehensive lighting solutions for MRI suites. We provide the largest selection of non-ferromagnetic luminaires, quality RFI/EMI filters, and remote drivers—all equipped to work with any brand of MRI. Our customizable MRI lighting solutions and quick shipping time make it simple for you to deliver a safe, reliable, and sound MRI space.

The #1 Turn-Key System

Kirlin has engineered each of the SmartLED™ system components to work seamlessly together, delivering ease of installation and peace of mind in MRI suites around the world. Our system has been installed alongside MRI machines up to 7T without any interference or image artifacts, and is trusted by the leading names in healthcare.

Our MRI Safe LED Lighting

Kirlin’s MRI compatible lighting solutions provide all necessary luminaires, drivers, filters, and scenic panels—ensuring the system is issue-free and running smoothly from the first scan to the ten-thousandth. Since installing one of the first MRI lighting systems in the 1980s, we have continued to develop innovative solutions to support more accurate imaging, keeping us at the forefront of present-day MRI technology.


    With over 1,000 completed MRI suites, we are dedicated to providing lighting products that are made in the USA and ship quickly. Eliminate scan artifacts with our three-part system guaranteed to work and warrantied to last.


    Each of our MRI compatible lighting solutions follow compliance regulations and adapt to all MRI equipment, protecting patients and staff. Our non-ferromagnetic LED luminaires have up to a 90,000 hour life, minimizing the need for regular maintenance.


    We offer the largest selection of luminaires, including a 1500L series, a 2500L series, and decorative scenic panels and sconces. Our MRI lighting solutions are adjustable, dimmable, and low-glare, making the patient experience more relaxing and stress-free.


Are you looking for a reliable, top-of-the-line lighting solution for an MRI project?