Kirlin NightLight, StepLight, and ChartLight Solutions

As medical lighting experts, we know that increasing comfort and decreasing risks play a key role in improving patient outcomes. Providing the right amount and color of light throughout the the variable needs of a 24-hour operation is a challenge Kirlin enjoys. Night time lighting must support patient rest which accelerates restoration of health, and provide enough illumination to care for patients; accurately read dosages, test results and orders; draw blood and test vitals, while minimizing disruption of patient sleep. Kirlin’s extensive selection of NightLights, StepLights, and ChartLights ensures optimal solutions are present. Patients will give favorable ratings to the facility for respecting their need for sleep and safety while giving staff sophisticated red/amber illumination for critical nighttime activities.

Providing the right amount and color of light throughout the the variable needs of a 24-hour operation is a challenge Kirlin enjoys.

Lighting The Way

Kirlin’s NightLight, StepLight, and ChartLight solutions offer many formats: louvered, lensed, vandal resistant, wet location, 2-way thru-the-wall, color-specific, photocell sensored, finishes to match decor, square, rectangular, and round, just to name a few. Our exclusive ChartLights mounted in the headwall on either side of the bed, cast light to the floor, providing the patient with safe passage away from the bed and giving the medical staff illumination for charting, verifying patient identification, and administering medications. A little light can go a long way, when done well.


    Our solutions are designed around optionality and efficiency. All three solutions can be mounted in various room locations to optimize line-of-site while minimizing discomfort and disruption. Increase efficiency with one thru-the-wall NightLight to illuminate both the patient room and bathroom. Low energy, low glare, and long life LED NightLights and StepLights can be installed with a photocell, hospital-grade GFCI receptacle and switch, or other control options, ensuring proper illumination where and when it's needed.


    NightLights, StepLights, and ChartLights decrease risk as patient and staff way-finding solutions, helping everyone see clearly at night without bright, distracting lights. With no direct view of the internal LEDs, and a 45 degree angle designed to illuminate the floor, NightLights provide the illumination needed to guide drowsy or disoriented patients toward their bed or the bathroom without disrupting melatonin levels. Unbreakable lenses and vandal proof fasteners are available in every model.


    As hospitals demand higher quality lighting and customizable solutions, we innovate and expand our selections to suit every need. We offer NightLights and StepLights with wet-location listing and vandal resistant construction, equipped with durable cast plating and the option to add GFCI outlets. These products are also available in a fastener-free design and custom colors to fit decor preferences.


Are you looking for a reliable, top-of-the-line lighting solutions for night lights, step lights, or chart lights?