Kirlin Public Space Lighting

Kirlin Lighting provides comprehensive LED lighting solutions for all public and clinical areas in the hospital. Our high quality lighting enables greater control and creates safer environments—while reducing overall operating costs. Discover products from super shallow downlights for crowded plenums to “Level 3” infection control for sterilized locations.

Exceptional Lighting for Any Hospital Space

Maintain a sophisticated architectural aesthetic in any room of the hospital with Kirlin’s inconspicuous downlights and wall washes in round and square designs. Available in many color temperatures, our LED lighting provides excellent color-rendering and appropriate intensity, with a glare-free optical design. To exceed patient and staff expectations, it is crucial that every room in the hospital has excellent lighting, from lobbies and cafeterias to patient rooms and surgical suites—ensuring optimal conditions for staff and patients. Kirlin’s goal is to help hospitals create safe, comfortable, and cost efficient environments with our extensive selection of LED luminaires.


    All of Kirlin’s public space lighting products are made in the USA and ship from our Detroit, MI factory within 2-3 weeks or less. Each of our downlights has been tested and certified by independent governing bodies to ensure they provide optimal illumination, meeting the requirements of the world's most discerning architects, engineers, and lighting designers.


    Engineered for ultimate infection control, our general use LED lighting products are available with IP65 and IP66 rated sealed trims, as well as Cleanroom Rated ISO 5 / Class 100 sealed construction. These fixtures are frequently used in behavioral health and trauma units, NICUs, PICUs, and other rooms where sterilization is essential.


    Choose from downlights and wall washes ranging from 1000L-5000L, square and round, as well as 3 different levels of infection control. Kirlin also offers some of the industry’s shallowest housings, designed for increasingly small plenum spaces.


Are you looking for a reliable, top-of-the-line lighting solution for a hospital construction or renovation project?