Kirlin Radiance™ Tunable White LED Lighting

Kirlin Lighting’s Radiance™ Tunable White LED Lighting supports healthy circadian rhythms for patients and staff, allowing them to dim the lighting and change the hue to fit their needs. From 1650K to 8000K, our circadian lighting solution replicates the full spectrum of natural sunlight—bringing the sun to any room at any time.

Our Radiance™ Tunable White lighting provides human-centric support to recovering patients.

Circadian Rhythm Lighting for Hospitals

Kirlin Lighting’s Radiance™ Tunable White Lighting is unlike any tunable white light on the market—engineered to mimic natural sunlight cycles (programmable for your geography) that provide human-centric support to recovering patients. Our dynamic white lights can be automated or controlled by practitioners and patients. Whether the Radiance™ Tunable White Lighting is helping patients and staff start their day, or supporting better sleep at night, our goal is to improve patient outcomes every day with state-of-the-art lighting.


    This lighting can be operated with any of the top industry control systems, and keeps the colors consistent over the life of the module. Mimicking the black body locus, our tunable white lighting provides a wide range of chromaticity, from cool to warm.


    We developed natural lighting solutions that safely support patients’ sleep cycles and recovery. Equipped with automated controls, our tunable white lighting mimics the calendar day, producing the right light at the right time of day to support or suppress melatonin levels.


    Kirlin offers a selection of 8 tunable white recessed luminaires, including round and square downlights, wall-washes, and adjustables. Each has 90+ CRI and full-range dimming from 100-0.1%. Our lighthead incorporates 5 unique LEDs, each emitting a specific wavelength to replicate the full spectrum of sunlight.


Are you looking for a reliable, top-of-the-line tunable white lighting solution for an upcoming project?