Kirlin Scenic Panel Solutions

Kirlin Lighting knows that a hospital isn’t usually a place where patients want to spend their time. From long hospital stays and lengthy procedures, it can be a stressful and unwelcoming place. However, Kirlin provides the tools to offer patients, visitors, and staff a more pleasant experience using exceptional lighting. With our beautiful, customizable scenic panel system, we strive to boost patient and staff moods with a welcomed distraction and captivating image.

Scenic Panel Options
Choose from Kirlin's standard graphics, or select your own. We'll format the image to fit within any array!

The Sky’s The Limit

Scenic panels are the perfect solution for any place in a hospital where patients and visitors spend lots of time. This could include patient rooms, lobbies, administrative areas, cafeterias, and procedural rooms like MRI suites. Beautiful, bright images liven up the space and can simulate a skylight, mimicking a natural installment in a clinical setting.


    Our scenic panel’s 1” regress bevel provides a skylight effect while lifting the light off of the ceiling, ensuring a minimal-glare appearance. These driverless, low voltage, DC powered lights are equipped with a waveguide lens to support superior uniform illumination. The ultra-shallow recessed aluminum housing requires minimal plenum space, boasts 100% full-range dimming, and a 60,000 hour lifespan.


    Not only do scenic panels improve patient satisfaction and overall hospital morale, but they enhance the safety of the working environment, too. Since they are fully-recessed, they offer patients and staff an open work space and treatment area free of clutter. Kirlin's MRI scenic panels are also non-ferromagnetic and safe to use in MRI suites.


    Choose from a large selection of beautiful, smooth panel artwork like skies, floral scenes, trees, or animals. Or, order custom artwork and Kirlin will send it to you for easy replacement. Attractively and uniformly illuminate a room with scenic panels small or large, and decide from various dividing and cropping arrangements to suit the room.


Are you looking for a reliable, top-of-the-line scenic panel solution for an upcoming project?