Kirlin Shower and Warming Lighting Solutions

Kirlin Lighting is dedicated to designing high-quality products, including specific uses like shower warming lighting. It takes innovation and empathy to provide the right solutions for unique spaces in a healthcare facility—that’s why we do it. We know that these places can be cold and unwelcoming, so we strive to increase safety and improve patient outcomes with well-lit spaces that are easy to keep clean and warm, bringing comfort and reassurance to patients who need to feel at home during their recovery.

It takes innovation and empathy to provide the right solutions for unique spaces in a healthcare facility—that’s why we do it.

Quality LED Shower and Warming Lights

Kirlin Lighting’s shower and warming lighting delivers comfort and safety, and most importantly, quality and reliability. Our wet-location listed, dead front shower lights illuminate the area, providing glare-free lighting that allows for better cleaning, which reduces infection, slips, and falls. Our warming lights used in c-section rooms, burn and trauma units, and general patient areas treat hypothermia and help regulate body temperature.


    All of our shower lighting solutions are wet-location listed, rust-proof, and non-conductive, ensuring that they are suitable for use anywhere water or moisture is present. Warming lights are optimized for critical care areas such as the ICU, PICU, and burn and trauma units, delivering warmth in strategic places for patients whose care requires specific temperature control.


    Our dead front trim design isolates electrical connectivity above the ceiling, protecting patients and staff from any risk of shock. Kirlin shower lights also reduce the number of accidents and promote proper cleaning with 30-50 foot-candles delivered to the floor. Warming lights are equipped with tempered glass safety lenses to protect patients and staff from lamp rupture.


    We offer a variety of solutions to accommodate minimal plenum space, behavioral health units, and tight shower areas. Additionally, our warming lights are engineered to fit strategically outside of showers, over beds, and in sensitive trauma units to maximize comfort and improve recovery processes. Dimmable and equipped with timers, warming lights can also be controlled and set to turn off at specific times, increasing efficiency.


Are you looking for a reliable, top-of-the-line shower or warming light solution for an upcoming project?